With the I Heart Pluto Festival just one week away, we’re getting hyped for all the special events and activities that will be happening both on and off our Mars Hill campus! On the evening before the festival’s official start on Saturday, February 17, the Pluto Pub Crawl will take place in Flagstaff’s historic downtown; a place overflowing with variety, culture, and some of the best breweries and restaurants on this side of the Mississippi. It all starts at 6pm, and goes until last call!

You can download a map here, or collect one from any of the participating locations along the path of the Pub Crawl. You may notice that the route makes an interesting shape — it’s the planetary symbol for Pluto! Read on to learn more about the Crawl and the locations you’ll discover on the way. The locations are listed in no particular order; you can tackle the map in any way you choose!

❤︎ Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Crafting a beer selection that is as unique and beautiful as every star, meteor, and comet we can see from our backyard. Dark Sky Brewing Co.’s micro-brewery size allows them the freedom to brew everything from traditional recipes to experimentally fun brews with exotic ingredients. In honor of the 93rd anniversary of Pluto’s discovery, DSB will be renaming one of their classic brews to ‘Pluto Paloma,’ and it will be available for the whole month of February! DSB is listed as the first stop on the Pluto Pub Crawl.


❤︎ Hops On Birch

Nestled in Flagstaff’s historic downtown area, Hops on Birch was founded in 2012. It was opened with a big vision in mind: to offer some of the best craft beer, wine and service in Arizona. Hops offers unique beers from breweries from across Arizona and the US. They have also always been known for being extremely dog friendly and having a beautiful patio. Hops of Birch will be offering a special Pluto brew during the festival. Stop by to taste it for yourself!


❤︎ Rendezvous at the Monte Vista Hotel

Opened in 2003 with the intention of creating a special meeting place for community members and tourists to come together, the Rendezvous at Monte Vista is the perfect space to gather for everything from work and study to friends and date nights. They serve locally roasted, artisanal coffee from their state-of-the-art espresso machine, as well as craft cocktails from a seasonal menu featuring house-made bitters, syrups, juices and liquor infusions, expertly curated by their creative staff of bartenders and baristas. The Rendezvous also offers a thoroughly deluxe selection of spirits as well as a rotating draught system featuring several local brews. Stop by for a special Pluto cocktail during the Pub Crawl!


❤︎ Drinking Horn Mead Hall

Drinking Horn mead is inspired by a desire to live, and drink more simply and environmentally responsibly. Created in small batches using the best ingredients and natural processes, Drinking Horn’s authentic recipes strive to get back to the roots of one of human kind’s earliest libations. On the evening of February 17, this cozy, laid-back venue fit for a viking’s feast will be participating in the Pluto Pub Crawl. Stop by to sample their assortment of flavored meads and mead-based cocktails!


❤︎ Lumberyard Brewing Co.

Housed in one of the last standing buildings of Flagstaff’s Lumber era, Lumberyard Brewing Company has been brewing award-winning beers for people who love to drink it since 2010. With a full menu, large patio, and tons of drink specials and weekly events, Lumberyard Brewing has something for everyone. At the ‘Yard, it’s not just about the attitude, it’s all about the altitude. Be sure to stop in and ask for the Pluto Special.

❤︎ The Annex

The Annex is, hands down, Northern Arizona’s premier cocktail lounge. Their expert cocktail leadership collaborates with their top-notch bartenders every season to create cocktails unlike any you’ve experienced before — it’s art, in a glass! Try out their special Pluto cocktail, available this month only.


❤︎ Historic Brewing Co.

Historic Brewing Company brews up craft beer and awesomeness, both at their Historic Taproom production facility on the east side of Flagstaff and their downtown Historic Barrel + Bottle House location downtown. On FebruaryDuring the festival, Historic will offer a “Pluto Sky” blueberry sour, Pluto cocktail, and 10% discount with Lowell GA Pass at the Barrel + Bottle House during the Pub Crawl.


❤︎ NiMarco’s Pizza

NiMarco’s is Flagstaff’s hometown pizzeria, and it won Best of Flag’s Best Pizza award in 2022. Their original store is located downtown, just south of the tracks on Beaver Street. Their second location is right at the entrance of NAU on Milton Road, and their brand new third location is located on the east side of town on the corner of Kaspar Drive and historic Route 66. Stop by for a bite to help you refuel!


❤︎ Mother Road Brewing Co.

Mother Road Brewing Company is Arizona’s third-largest independent craft brewer. Founded in 2011, their mission is to brew distinguished beers and build community, one pint at a time. Mother Road will unveil yet another limited-edition Pluto-themed beer for the festival, which will be unveiled at the Cheers to Pluto! Beer Unveiling and Astronomy on Tap event on the evening of February 16. During the Pub Crawl, come by to try their special Pluto-themed beer.


❤︎ Flagstaff Brewing Co.

Flagstaff Brewing Company was opened in July of 1994 with the mission to provide craft-brewed beer and a robust whiskey selection to a thirsty mountain town. Aiming to further the ambiance of great brewpubs, Flagbrew (as the locals like to call it), provides a casual and friendly atmosphere, which anyone should expect from a genuine brewpub. Swing by to try their special Pluto cocktail!