On February 18th, 2020, Flagstaff’s Orpheum Theater will host Pluto Discovery Day in conjunction with the Flagstaff Film Festival and Downtown Business Alliance. The 18th will mark the 90th anniversary of Clyde Tombaugh’s astonishing discovery of Pluto, what was then considered to be the mysterious ninth planet in our solar system.

Lowell historian Kevin Schindler will kick off the evening with a step back in time to 1930, recounting the events of the momentous day that Clyde Tombaugh first identified Pluto. Then, planetary scientist Will Grundy and NAU professor Steve Tegler will discuss the exciting research being done on Pluto at Lowell Observatory and other locations in Arizona.

City of Flagstaff officials will talk about what Pluto means to Flagstaff, “The Home of Pluto.” The talented beer makers at Mother Road Brewing will introduce their limited-edition Pluto Porter (learn more about it here). Guests will have the opportunity to purchase Pluto Porter and other drinks throughout the evening. Culinary experts from Karma Sushi Bar and Grill will share the inspiration behind their delicious Pluto Roll, a sushi roll stuffed with tempura lobster, snow crab, cream cheese, vegetables and sauces. Finally, the Flagstaff Film Festival will end the evening with the presentation of several movie shorts highlighting the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Tickets for Pluto Discovery Day at the Orpheum are available here.